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OSPF aggregate connected routes

Hi All, Looking to aggregate connected routes into an OSPF area. FD30329 shows aggregating static routes at the source router and aggregating connected routes at an upstream router. The cli manual for config summary-address states that " this command works only for summarizing external routes on an [..] (ASBR)" . Do connected routes count as external? I' m guessing not, in which case our router is not an ASBR (also, the example config doesn' t have the desired effect). Is there any way to aggregate connected routes at an originating router?
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Try this under your config router ospf config summary-address edit 1 set prefix next That should create a OSPF aggregated route. BTW: I ' m doing the same above for ipv6 and it works great; set router-id config summary-address edit 1 set prefix6 2001:xx:xxx::/62 next end end and it comes into my ipv6 core as a E1 mia-dc1-rtr1>show ipv6 route 2001:xxx:xxx::/62 IPv6 Routing Table - 12 entries Codes: C - Connected, L - Local, S - Static, R - RIP, B - BGP U - Per-user Static route I1 - ISIS L1, I2 - ISIS L2, IA - ISIS interarea, IS - ISIS summary O - OSPF intra, OI - OSPF inter, OE1 - OSPF ext 1, OE2 - OSPF ext 2 ON1 - OSPF NSSA ext 1, ON2 - OSPF NSSA ext 2 OE1 2001:XX:XXX::/62 [110/11] via FE80::209:FFF:FE44:AA50, Vlan3400 mia-dc1-rtr1> I haven' t yet tried to relist it as E2 but the above seems to be okay in my setup. I have numerous vlan interfaces on a 10gig link that makes up both internal and dmzs interfaces with /64s and we collectively summarizes theses back into the bigger /62




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Thankyou. It' s working now. I don' t know what I did wrong but it did not work in my initial config. Currently both filtering (using routemap under redistribute connected) and aggregating (as above) connected routes and all is well. Thanks again.
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