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New v4.3 exams (no info on recertification though)

Just noticed on the Campus II site that they updated the FCNSP exam version number to V4.3 (covering 4.0MR3). They also renumbered the exam number for the FCNSA section to match the same. (For the last 3+ weeks or so they had two FCNSA sections with basically the same version number.) While part of me is relieved to see the " new exams" based on 4.0MR3 material (closer to my day-to-day work) , I am wondering if I had wasted the last month or so studying the 4.0MR2 material. No word or announcement (on the Campus II site) yet as to whether or not existing FCNSA/FCNSP holders need to recertifiy. Passed the FCNSA v4.2 exam last month' s to hoping I can use it towards the new FCNSP.

NSE4/FMG-VM64/FortiAnalyzer-VM/6.0 (FWF30E/FW92D/FGT200D/FGT101E/FGT81E)/ FAP220B/221C