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Managed Fortiswitch tagged/untagged ports accross fortilink issues

Fortiswitch 108E - v. 7.2.3

Fortigate 60E - v. 7.2.4


I am new to Fortigate-Fortiswitch management.


Just can't figure out how can I use fortilink as a VLAN trunk ( I know the difference between Fortiswitch trunk (LAG) and tagged vlans as a "vlan trunk").

My setup.


LAN (internal) hardware switch with VLANs (with IP addresses and DHCP servers enabled) associated with the hardware switch.


Fortiswitch is managed by the Fortigate . I have created VLANs on the managed switch with the same IDs as Fortigate VLANs with the IP addresses.


I think that those VLANs do not see each other  on the different Fortigate interfaces. Does it require any software switches implementation?


I have accomplished this goal with the Standalone Fortiswitch but with only one port connection (connected to the hardware switch (LAN)) to the Fortigate and not via the LAG trunk.





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Yes this requires a "hack" using software switches.  IMHO, you should not do this.  You should migrate your existing hardware switch to a VLAN on the FortiSwitch.  Move the clients off of the FortiGate and onto the FortiSwitch.

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I think your situation/attempt is similar to VLAN relation between VLAN-switch and VLANs on hard-switch with F-series FGTs even on the same chassis. Even if you use the same VLAN ID, they're not on the same broadcast domain. They're completely segregated at L2 level.

So my take in these situations is not to put the same VLAN client devices on both sides. But put like VLAN 10-20 on the FGT side then VLAN 100-150 on the FSW side to just avoid confusion (although using the same VLAN ID wouldn't break anything), and then route them each other via the FGT.



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