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Just now v5.2 GA has been released!...

everyone.. enjoy it!!!

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Fully agree....We would rather pay a few bucks extra but prefer to have drives in lower end models as well. Shouldn' t be a challenge for Fortinet.

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I' m currently testing a FortiWIFI-60C with 5.2 and the packet capture ability is now gone (at least it' s no longer where it was in 5.0). My guess is that the removal of disk support is the cause. The packet capture capability is enormously useful since the files can be examined using Wireshark.
You can still access the packet capture from the GUI ;) I just found it. https://<ip of fortigate>/p/firewall/sniffer/

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LOL. good catch

Regards, Paulo Raponi

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Its weird, they added permission under the administrator profile for " packet filter" read/read-write/none but even for the super user I dont have it on the menu. WTF Fortinet ?

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FWIW... current iteration of Forticloud doesn' t actually archive log files. Yes, the logs are there to view through the GUI, but the (former) ability to download a log file spanning a log rotation isn' t there any longer. Which, frankly, makes the service mostly worthless. I' ve been testing a Forticloud paid account (200GB storage) for a few months now... and it really made sense for our small, one-off office locations that used lower end FG firewalls with limited storage. It was really useful to be able to go back and download something like a WebFilter log off of Forticloud when we had to do some forensics. That' s gone with the latest update of the service. What' s the use of paying for 200GB of storage if it doesn' t allow you to download that archived data? I want log files, rotated, that let me get at anything that has been uploaded to Forticloud within my 200GB limit. I want to be able to download these logs and munch them with whatever tools I want. The Forticloud GUI itself only allows the most rudimentary filtering of logs, and no way whatsoever to get the raw log data to do more useful analysis on your own. The ability to download raw data existed in it' s first iterations -- why the heck did this go away? No communication whatsoever to customers before making a sweeping change like this. Used to work that way. Doesn' t now. Opened a ticket to ask how to get this data (if I still can)... ticket status is " on hold" . All of the logs that were collected just simply disappeared with the last Forticloud web site update... with no warning, no explanation, no release notes, nada. There used to be sets of logs, dated from (datestamp) to (datestamp)... and they' re just gone. That sucks. Big time. This isn' t something you should subscribe to or count on IN ANY WAY for use in a production environment. If they' re taking away local logging and herding people towards this service, they need to take it seriously and treat it like a production system. Losing log data while they dink around with it isn' t acceptable.