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Iphone/Ipad Cisco IPsec VPN to Fortigate 100D

Hi guys, really need your help on this. Thanks in advance  I have tried all possible methods but none of them seems to be working.


Fortigate 100D V5.0

Iphone6 OS8.3 Using Cisco IPsec VPN from Iphone

error msg from Iphone: The VPN server did respond

progress IPsec phase 1 - failure IPsec phase 1 error - negotiation failure  error msg from Fortigate: peer sa proposal do not match local policy


*did everything on video below and have changed from aggressive mode to main ID mode


My guess: Fortigate VPN wizard not giving the correct sa proposal of Cisco IPsec VPN for Ipad and Iphone?

I have uploaded my IKE phase 1 screenshot, hope you can help.

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have a look hiere......!


hope it helps....


have fun



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