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IPS Filter list doesn't seem to have any protections past 2015

Hi there,


I'm new to Fortinet so it's very possible I'm doing something wrong but when I go into the current IPS filter list and view all current protections, I can't see any protections with a CVE newer that 2015 (the newest I can find is CVE-2015-7871). I've double checked and the latest signatures are downloaded and applied (15.754 last time I checked). I would have thought there should be some CVE numbers with 2016-2019 dates in the list.


Another thing I can't figure out is the number of protections. If I open the list of protections and remove any severity filtering so I get the entire list, I have a total number of 5866 protections found. But when I go the fortiguard labs IPS page, it says there 11,000 intrusion proventions rules. Does this mean our appliances are missing ~5000 rules?


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.