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Fortivoice - Creating prerecorded message in case of major outage

Hi All,

We have fortivoice for one of our clients. We need to make an option since the client is a telco , if they are experiencing an outage in some region and telcos clients are calling regarding that outage , an automated message to be played like "currently there is a problem with providing service to X Y Z regions , support teams are working on fixing the issue, please be patient until the problem is fixed" . 

How is that done on Fortivoice? Every help and guidance would be appreciated. 

I guess it should be something like if you are experiencing issues and you are calling from X Y Z regions please press for example 1 and then an automated message to start saying that teams are working on resolving the issue. I hope I am being clear since English is not my native language :\ 

Thank you in advance !!!

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Hello @nightfury1990 ,


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Hello @nightfury1990 


You can achieve this with two options:


First Option: Manual

You can use "Auto Attendant" and link it with Inbound route. And manage the Auto Attendant manually when the outage is happened.

You can add action key, lets say "9" when the caller press it, he will hear "Announcement" with the recorded sound that you linked with action key "9"


Please check the below link for more details:


Second Option:

You can use IVR, which is part of the CallCenter license.

This will required to integrate the IVR with Teleco Date Base using RESTFull service.

This configuration could be a little complicated but you can simulate all the scenarios there and when the outage is happening, the Teleco from his system can change a value in DB which will be automatically queried by IVR and based on it the IVR will do the action.


Please check the below link for more details:


Best Regards

Mohamed Elshehaby

Mohamed Elshehaby