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Fortigate with AD LDAP error: LdapErr: DSID-0C0907E9, comment: Error processing name, data


Hi, I have integrated Fortigate with AD through LDAP. Test Connectivity works fine, after, I have integrated with Fortigate Administrators users, to access Fortigate Administration, without any problem, but when I try Access my Fortigate login with my AD user it doesn't works, don't access, below debug log:


[2137] handle_req-Rcvd auth req 658488352 for ronan in 01dc01 opt=0000001b prot=0 [366] __compose_group_list_from_req-Group '01dc01' [605] fnbamd_pop3_start-ronan [1043] __fnbamd_cfg_get_ldap_list_by_server-Loading LDAP server '01dc01' [1552] fnbamd_ldap_init-search filter is: samaccountname=ronan [1561] fnbamd_ldap_init-search base is: DC=premiuminfo\2C DC=com,DC=br [974] __fnbamd_ldap_dns_cb-Resolved 01dc01(idx 0) to [1025] __fnbamd_ldap_dns_cb-Still connecting. [508] create_auth_session-Total 1 server(s) to try [941] __ldap_connect-tcps_connect( is established. [815] __ldap_rxtx-state 3(Admin Binding) [196] __ldap_build_bind_req-Binding to 'CN=administrador,CN=users,DC=premiuminfo,DC=com,DC=br' [852] fnbamd_ldap_send-sending 77 bytes to [864] fnbamd_ldap_send-Request is sent. ID 1 [815] __ldap_rxtx-state 4(Admin Bind resp) [895] __fnbamd_ldap_read-Read 8 [895] __fnbamd_ldap_read-Read 14 [1075] fnbamd_ldap_recv-Response len: 16, svr: [756] fnbamd_ldap_parse_response-Got one MESSAGE. ID:1, type:bind [791] fnbamd_ldap_parse_response-ret=0 [882] __ldap_rxtx-Change state to 'DN search' [815] __ldap_rxtx-state 11(DN search) [584] fnbamd_ldap_build_dn_search_req-base:'DC=premiuminfo\2C DC=com,DC=br' filter:samaccountname=ronan [852] fnbamd_ldap_send-sending 86 bytes to [864] fnbamd_ldap_send-Request is sent. ID 2 [815] __ldap_rxtx-state 12(DN search resp) [895] __fnbamd_ldap_read-Read 8 [895] __fnbamd_ldap_read-Read 94 [1075] fnbamd_ldap_recv-Response len: 96, svr: [756] fnbamd_ldap_parse_response-Got one MESSAGE. ID:2, type:search-result [778] fnbamd_ldap_parse_response-Error 34(0000208F: LdapErr: DSID-0C0907E9, comment: Error processing name, data 0, v2580) [791] fnbamd_ldap_parse_response-ret=34 [726] __ldap_stop-svr '01dc01' [182] fnbamd_comm_send_result-Sending result 1 (error 0, nid 0) for req 658488352 [653] destroy_auth_session-delete session 658488352 authenticate 'ronan' against '01dc01' failed!


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