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Fortigate Support Types

Hi Guys,

I have a very stupid question, but funny engouh I dont find the answer to it.

I updated to Forticare Support, but the "End of Lifecycle"(Assert Management) still needs a renewal. If I'm looking under the point "Support and Subscriptions" I also have only round about 4 Month a renewal to make.

So even with a updated Forticare Support I still have some "renewals" open in my "Assert Management".
I asked this stuff the Fortigate Support and get not a real answer to this.

So I ask you guys, can someone explain me what the Forticare Support is and if its diffrent with the "End of Lifecylcle" and the "Support and Subscriptions"? I dont find something to that in the internet on the Fortigate Page.


Side note: Beside a colluege is gone and had to take his tasks, thats why my knowlegde about Fortigates and support are limited.


I hope someone can explain it to me, because then I know what kinds of "renewals" I have to order from Fortigate for our "Fortigate and Switches".

Thank you




I think your queries are best to answered via a FortiCare ticket if you currently have a valid support license. Kindly do not reveal your product details on the forum.


Kindly go to > Click on your Device S/N > Click on the small button on the top right of the Entitlement tab > take a snapshot of your "Product Entitlement" and attach to your FortiCare ticket.
Do you seeing different expiry date on webfilter, NGFW or AntiSpam etc?


You can refer to this link : to find out your local Fortinet partner team and contact them to renew services.


If FortiCare CS/technical team not able to answer your queries, you can send an E-mail to ( to query about your licensing and renew the services directly with Fortinet team - please mention serial number in your E-mail. They have better understanding on licensing.


Other resources you may use:

Product life cycle:


Hi yoloknight,


Its difficult to understand your exact issue but perhaps I can provide some information that may help.


Support and Subscriptions is different to the LifeCycle sections of Asset Management so let me explain each.


Hardware Lifecycle:

This is the ability to support the product itself and because products are continuously developed there will be a time when they are phased out.  For a new product there will be full engineering support but at some point it will reach a last contact extension and end of support.  At the end of support point you will no longer be able to attach a FortiCare support contract and cannot receive TAC or RMA support.


Support and Subscriptions:

This section shows the status of FortiCare support and FortiGuard subscriptions. 

FortiCare typically covers Telephone/Chat Support, RMA and Firmware.

FortiGuard are the content subscription for Malware, IPS etc.


If you have renewed FortiCare then it is potentially only a subset of these as it doesn't cover the FortiGuard features.  Any single item that is not renewed will cause this graphic to show expired.  That doesn't mean you have no coverage though.


If you select an expired product and go to its specific page you will see an entitlements section which shows exactly what you have covered and what might be leading to the expired status.


Hope this is useful.




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