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Fortigate 60f Web filter license

Hey everyone In my workplace we have fortigate 60f working on fortios 7.2.1 has a L2 license (UTP) the web filter license is active and not expired but on the configuration page of the web filter it shows that the license has expired and will block all traffic, this started when fortinet released 7.2.2, is it required to update the fortios to 7.2.2 so I could use web filter or any fortiguard service? Thanks in advance 

omegle xender


I would verify if fortiguard has access to internet (private DNS, sdwan access, etc).

If fortiguard has access and it is just saying that you have webfilter license expired and in support portal you see that license is valid, open support ticket to check the device.

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  • License/subscription are not tied to the FortiOS version, so no - any change in the versions on either side should not affect license validity 
  • Most probably you fortigate has troubles reaching Fortiguard servers to validate that your account has web filter subscription. Search Google for “failed to connect to fortiguard servers” and start debugging from there.
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