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[Fortigate 60] Allow surf on port 8080

Hi, I have a customer today on we already opened a lot of ports for TSE or SQL for example. But he want open the port 8080 to surf i do like usually : -New service 8080 -New adresse which correspond to the website as FQDN -And new rule which ACCEPT the new adresse on Lan. => Doesn' t work. => Don' t know why. Best regard,
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And if you specify the destination host as an IP address, or ' ALL' ? Do you allow DNS for that user? Is the sequence of policies correct?


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i set the addresse in white list, and to be precise i have already allowed port 1433 for this addresse for another rule which works perfectly (about sqlserver) and when i set this rule to ANY services its same => doesn' t work on this 8080 website ... Maybe url filter already use this port ? Anyway thanks for your answer it give me a good idea I will try by telnet, with ANY services accepted.
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still down, anyone got an idea ?
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Is this rectified?

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