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Fortigate 200B take advantage of gig ports?



My company recently upgraded their bandwidth to 300mb.


It appears the only ports on this fortigate 200b faster than 100mb are ports 10,12,14,and 16.


I have port 16 configured to the ISP and it shows it is connected at 1gb.


When I configure port 14 to hand out DHCP as and I plug a Cisco 3560G switch to it, it appears all is well. The issue I run into is when I try to ping (IP I gave to switch port 14) I get no reply.


Any advice how I can connect to these 2 gig ports to allow internet speeds > 100mb?

Thank you




there's nothing special about these ports, other than being accelerated by the NP4 ASIC.


I don't quite understand why you first configure a DHCP server on p14 and then assign your switch port a static IP.

What is the interface IP address then?

Did you run a 'diag debug flow' yet? (how-to in the forums)

Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!
Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!

Hi ede,


Thank you for taking the time to respond.


My networking background is in Cisco. Typically in a cisco switch, if you want to enable routing you have to assign an IP to VLAN 1 or an interface so you can route through the switch. I was trying to apply that logic here so I was setting P14 to act as a DHCP server so I could attach a switch to that port, and devices behind the switch and let that port handle DHCP for the devices. My logic was to assign an IP to the port and have that port act as a default gateway which would be local to the fortigate to then allow traffic to pass out its default gateway to the internet.


So for testing, taking anything else out of the equation, Port 14 IP is and acting as a DHCP server. I should then be able to plug in a switch, plug a computer to the switch get a DHCP IP, use as the default gateway, then have the switch forward traffic out the ISP link which is on port 16.


Can you help me understand why when I do this I can't ping from the computer plugged into the switch?

Thank you.


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