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Fortigate 110C and DMZ

Hi, I Want to buy a Fortigate 110C.. but have a doubt... because.. I see that the Fortigate 110C has: 2WAN and 8 port Switch... but not DMZ port... so... my questions are: * Can I separate the 8 ports Switch and use 1 port for DMZ and the others for LAN...? Regards, Michael.-
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Hi, A 110C has a 8 port switch and you can put it into interface mode then you have 8 separate interfaces Cheers, Eric

Rackmount your Fortinet -->


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Good!, and you can do it via the Gui? Thanks for the answer.. Regards, Michael.0
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I see the Fortigate-Admin_Guide-4.0-MR2.pdf and talk about the interface mode. Thanks again.. Michael.-