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FortiOS Consultant?

Hi forum users, We' ve got an FG100D which I set up (badly, being a newbie to FortiOS, despite having 15 years in the security field). We' ve purchased a second FG100D to set up in HA mode, but having now worked with the product on-and-off for six+ months, I' m sure that I don' t want to do this myself. It' s not a core competency that we want to have, to be FortiGate experts. And it' s clear that, with the poor documentation, changeable user interfaces, still-unsettled FortiOS v5.0 feature set and configuration procedures, and complexities in using FortiOS 5.0 on a device which was upgraded from FortiOS 4.0 instead of clean-installed with FortiOS 5.0, that this is way beyond what I want to spend my time on. So I' m looking for a highly qualified FortiOS consultant. Someone who has significant experience with the new FortiOS 5.0 and with the issues that arise in 4.0->5.0 migrations (we plan to start from zero, but that knowledge of 4.0->5.0 I think will be useful to see what I created on the older device, which is a 4.0->5.0 upgrade, to translate it in to new, clean, proper 5.0-native configurations on the new device); Someone who knows FortiGate/ FortiOS High Availability and Internet load balancing across two (or more) Internet connections; We' re located in Barcelona, Spain but geography isn' t critical to us, and as long as the person is fluent in either English or Spanish we can work with the language. Your referrals are appreciated! thanks, -Jay
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If you have doubts about your own config I would suggest to look for a FortiPartner near your location



Hi abc, I have already reached out to our own FortiNet reseller asking for referrals; what I hope to find here, however, is a referral based on personal experience of one of us in the FortiNet user community, not just a FortiNet partner who, in theory, could help. thanks, -Jay

i am sure we can help on the forum if there are any specific issues, cant really recommend ourselves - but happy to advise
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