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FortiOS 5.0.5+ and CVE-2014-0160

Hello, I currently have a few fortigates running 5.0.5, which are vulnerable to CVE-2014-0160. I guess that 5.0.6 is vulnerable as well, can anybody confirm? Any indication when new firmwares are going to be released?
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For 100D/140D there is different build 4429, for 280D build 4439. Hopefully this is not error...all others have build 3608.
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I tried to apply the latest build (5.0.7) to our FortiGate 200B last night. In the web admin console under System Administration it now shows the following under Firmware Version: Firmware Version v5.0,build3608 (GA Patch 7) Which is great...... However, if I click on details it shows that the current running software is FG200B-5.00-build271 which is the previously installed firmware. Also if I use the CLI console and do a #show it also indicates: #config-version=FG200B-5.00-FW-build271-140410 What gives? Is it updated or not? Anyone else experience this?
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3608 is a branch off of the 271 build. It is the ' updated' version of P6. See page 4 here.

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Thanks Bob. I will be able to rest easier now.
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There are versions for the FG-200B and FG-200B-POE, latest is 5.0.7 (b 3608) dated Apr 10, 2014.


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