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FortiOS 4 build 272

I updated my Fortigate 200A to this firmware 4 build 272 yesterday, and now my Web Filtering and Email Filtering have lost functionality. Has anyone else encountered this? Update 4/29/2010 Working with Fortinet Support on this. I probably jumped too many revisions as the upgrade was from 3.00 build 660. (I am embarrassed by my foolish behavior!)
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I did, in fact, skip too many revisions, not following the recommended upgrade path. I was able to boot to the old Image on the Firewall, and upgrade incrementally without issue. The recommended upgrade path was as follows: FortiOs 3.0 MR6 Patch 6 Build 0678 to FortiOS 3.0 MR7 Patch 9 Build 0753 to FortiOS 4.0  4.0.3 Build 0106 to FortiOS 4.0 MR1 Build 0196 to FortiOS 4.0 MR2 Build 0272
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4.0 MR2 is not good for production. It had too much bug. the stable version is 3.0 mp7 patch 9, or 4.0 MR1 build 0196

ORIGINAL: kckong 4.0 MR2 is not good for production. It had too much bug.
yesterday released patch 1 solved a lot of them; however it was released with the buggy IPS Attack Engine 1.161 version yet; you' ll need to get new engines directly from customer service.


/ Abel

regards / Abel
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279 is already out on the FTP ...
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I also found several problems with 4.0MR2 including antispam filtering not functional at all. After upgrade to MR2_P1 the antispam filtering seems to be working again. I' m still having problems with web filtering violations NOT logged under log&report NOR are the violations displayed on the dashboard widget. (however the web filter DOES seem to block restricted sites)
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