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FortiGate Web Filter Redirection

We have a FortiGate (7.2.2) on our network and we recently switched from an outdated, dedicated web filter to just using the one that is built into the Fortigate and I was wanting to do some redirection from the default Fortiguard block page.

Our old system just forwarded to a page we have hosted along side our district website that just had some fancy banners and imagery, but the Fortigate seems to be very limited on customization. Normally I wouldn't care about this but the boss wants the block page to either look identical to our old one (which I do not know how to make) or just redirect it to the existing one that was built 5-6 years ago, which I am fine with.

Does anyone know how you would go about implementing a URL Redirect in this situation? Does it even support it?

You can redirect to a custom server using the DNS filter (which uses the same categories as web filter):


If you want to use web filter still you can probably edit the replacement message to proxy your internal web page. I'm not an HTML guy but i'm sure there's a way to embed an external HTML code into the replacement message.


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