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FortiClioent SSL VPN won´t work on Firefox 22 or 23.0.1

I' ve tried both FortiClent versions (4.0.2270 and 4.42289) on Firefox 22 and then FIREFOX 23.0.1 (I,ve tried all combinations). With Firefox 22 and FortiClient 4.0.2270 the browser insists os displayng the message that the FortiClient plugin is not installed (but it is!). Uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin didnt work. Both Firefox 22 and 23.0.1 will crash when ´tryng to login on VPN site using FortiClient 4.4.2289, andthen Firefox has to be closed and restarted. But before that, when using Firefox 21 and FortiCLient 4.0.2270 everything was working fine. Perhaps you should fix FortiClient plugin for Firefox new versions?

A later SSLVPN build 2292 should have the fix.