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FortiClient with No A/V?

Hi guys, We have a FortiGate 80C and a network full of Windows 7 Professional users. We already have a solution for A/V but our users need to have dial up VPN access. Any recommendations on how I could do this? I would prefer to use the FortiClient but if we have to ditch our current A/V then that is going to be a definite deal breaker. So going along with that theme if there isn' t an alternative, is there another agnostic VPN client out there (other than Shrewsoft). Thanks!
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If you are okay with SSL VPN, Fortinet has a separate, completely free app to do just that: FortiClient SSLVPN.
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also, there is a light VPN client, for end users, they cannot create or modify the tunnel, but it does the job. Check the folder for FortiClient and you will find it. Also download the VPNTools, there is a VPN tunnel editor you can use to build your tunnels.

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why don' t just install the IP-Sec Modul of the FC?
Private Use: Fortigate-50B, 4.00-MR3, NAT/IPsec-VPN/SSL-VPN
Private Use: Fortigate-50B, 4.00-MR3, NAT/IPsec-VPN/SSL-VPN

I recommend you use the latest FortiClient 4.3.3 which as SSL/IPsec VPN + End Point Control and Wan Optimization. It' s compatible with majority of commercially available AV products. FortiClient 4.2 VPN has known issues with other AV products. L.Clarke
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