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[Fixed]FortiGate 60B - Troubles with Virtual IPs.

Hello, I have some troubles regarding virtual IPs . Currently, we use a FortiGate 60A in my enterprise. One interface (internal) is down because of water infiltration. So we have buy a new one: Fortigate 60B. I have configure this firewall as the old one, but VIP doesn' t work. I have configure it like this: - Create new VIP - Interface: wan1 - Static NAT (with VIP and mapped IP) -After, I add rule for this: - source: all - destination: my VIP - schedule: always - service: ANY - action: ACCEPT Maybe, I have forgot something ? It' s MR5 patch 1 for firmware. I have tried to upgrade it, but I have following error message: " It' s not an update file" ! While I take the good file: MR7 patch 3 .out extension. I don' t understand. If someone can help me, I will appreciate that. Sorry for my bad english, It' s not my native langage. Thank you !
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hi do you have the right ip addresses on external and internal vip definition.... and should all ports mapped or only one or more services? regards andy

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You created a rule from where to where? It should be from WAN1-->Internal. Is that what you have?
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Thanks for your answer. @Seppel: No problem with IP address, this FW isn' t in function, I configure this one in local in order to change the old one. It' s good IP, I simule WAN with desktop and LAN with my laptop. All port are mapped and all services active ... @nsummer: I created rule from WAN1-->Internal, with all ports and services, I just change destination with virtual IP. Thanks a lot. Have a good day ! Edit: My upgrade troubles are fixed! Edit2: I have solved VIP problem after upgrade and active serveur ping on wan1 interface.