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Firewalls and Network Security Causing Connectivity Issues on My Gaming Desktop

Hello everyone,

I'm experiencing some issues with the firewalls and network security on my gaming desktop. I've noticed that I'm having trouble connecting to some online games and services, and I suspect that the firewalls and network security settings might be the cause.

I've tried checking the firewall settings and ensuring that the necessary ports are open, but it doesn't seem to make any difference. I've also tried disabling the firewalls and network security temporarily, and I can connect to the games and services without any issues.

However, I'm not comfortable leaving my system without proper firewalls and network security. I'm looking for a solution to this issue that won't compromise my system's security while allowing me to connect to the games and services I want.

Has anyone else faced similar issues with firewalls and network security on their gaming desktops? If so, can you please suggest any solutions or alternatives to the default settings that won't affect gaming performance? I'm willing to try other settings or software if they're better suited for gaming.

I'm using Windows 10 on my gaming desktop, and I'm currently running the default firewall and network security settings. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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You can debug the issue by turning on one security profile at a time and verifying which one is causing the issue.  You should also be able to check the logs for security blocks based on your source IP to determine the reason that traffic is not getting through.


What are the required ports that need to be opened for the games? Do they required inbound access? Perhaps the games are using UPnP or some other mechanism which the Fortigate does not support. If you need inbound access you need to manually configure VIPs for DNAT.

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Have you found the solution?

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