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Firewall Alert

Dear all, Recently, I receive huge Alert from the Fortigate 60 firewall. Could anyone kindly tell me how I can solve this Alert? The message is as below: Message meets Alert condition The following critical firewall event was detected: Critical Event. 2008-12-27 10:32:46 device_id=FGT-60 log_id=0315093006 type=webfilter subtype=urlfilter pri=critical msg=" gethostbyname() failed: Connection timed out" Ivan
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Seems like an issue with your DNS Server. The Fortigate was unable to resolve an hostname to a IP Address.... martin
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i just know the reason. but i dunno how to solve. the Fortigate 60 firewall had connect IPSEC to another fortigate 50A. In Fortigate 60 Console, when I tried traceroute to DNS IP, I found the traffic is route to Fortigate 50A and then access the Internet. As both firewalls are in different Zone, the cannot be resolve. How can I set the policy to fix this case? Ivan
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