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Filter file type when is compressed

Hi everyone! 

I need to solve how can block certain types of files,  executables most, like .bat, .com, .exe, but when this type of files are compressed in a .zip, .rar or in a .cab.

Antivirus daemon can perform this in any FortiOS platform?

At this time i have two Fortigate 110C in a HA Cluster, with FortiOS v4.0,build0356,130221 (MR2 Patch 15).


Thanks to all!


Have you tried using filename patterns? Putting *scr should do the trick, though not 100% sure how that works with zipped files, it should still work.


The problem you'll have there is that if someone just changes the file name, it will get through...


Let us know.



...... -Jake
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