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Feature Request : Wildcard in Override, Multiple group identification in a policy

These request are for improving the user or group exemption for webfilter profile. 1.If it was possible to add wildcard in override to unblock all sub domain. example *.youtube.* 2. Add to possibility of a rule to check if user is member of multiple group to let them pass and create override for usergroup. Issue 1. I' m connect to AD (Directory Service) 2. For my test, i only got 1 policy (Lan -> Wan) with Any,Any. 3. My default profile block Youtube and Facebook with categories 4. I set up usergroup, one for youtube (Forti_youtube) and one for facebook (Forti_Facebook) link with AD. 5. set up Administrative Override for each of these site with appropriate usergroup. One for facebook and one for youtube. 6. If the user is member of one these group, it work well! BUT if the user is member of both group he take the first group assign in the policy and no other. How a user can access 2 differents website that is block by default profile. I want to be transparent for the user, it why we use AD for authentification. Thank You
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