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FG CPU usage is 80% constantly

Hello All, I' ve seen several times on several boxes that CPU usage is equal to 80% and it can stays exactly 80% for a long time not depending on device load. Sometimes it jumps up to 100% and then returns back to 80%. Fortigate-400 > get sys perf CPU states: 80% used, 20% idle Memory states: 40% used Up: 2 days, 4 hours, 29 minutes. Load of this FG-400 is 3000-5000 sessiont and 3 to 5 Mbps. Any ideas what it means? Alex.
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We also met this situration, but seems the box still works fine. I hope it' s just a CPU load calculating problem. Steven
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I don' t think it' s only CPU calculating problem. When the CPU keeping in 80% above, dns & pop3 &smtp is not working. but the http still can use.So I must restart it two to three times a day. I ask my support to do somthing about it,but no work. If fortinet can' t help me,I think it' s too bad. By the way,the ip bind have problem,too!!!