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FAC 3.0 Issues

Hi, I just upgraded one FAC to 3.0 and ran into some issues - Let' s see if I am the only one.. - We got " some" AD users, which show somehow a LDAP-Sub-Entry below the user in the import dialogue - Those users can' t get imported... We don' t see any reason in AD, why this happens. Opened a ticket - let' s see. - There seems to be no manual way to assign Tokens to remote users any more - Just via some LDAP atttribute. FTK200s work fine, if they come from AD... But I don' t have any clue how to assign a FTKM - Only assignment of Temporary Tokens seems to work via Authenticators Web-Interface? br, Roman

There has been some change to the import routine to be more selective on what we import so for example in the Import Remote Users Dialog you must open the folder and " select visible" before the users will be added. >Only assignment of Temporary Tokens seems to work via Authenticators >Web-Interface? There is a warning in the release notes to clear your cache after upgrading. I have seen the missing ability to configure tokens as a side effect of not clearing the cache. Try this and report back.

Dr. Carl Windsor Field Chief Technology Officer Fortinet

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Ahhhh Great! Clearing the cache solved the Token-Assignment-Issue! Actually I should have know about clearing browser cache.... My fault! If there is any news around the import troubles I keep it posted here! br, Roman
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Same problem with import. The users we can not import have active sync devices assigned.