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Exchange 2007 not able to pass Out Of Office through FortiMail

Hello all. FortiMail 100 (MR3 Build 0486) is acting as " smarthost" for an Exchange 2007. When this Exchange 2007 tries to send out " Out-Of-Office Replies" they do not get past the FortiMail. Apparently because these messages are sent with an empty " sender-envelope" (From: is shown as empty in the FortiMail Logs). How to solve this issue? Kind regards, F.
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I assume that You configured in Policy-->Access control that only internal domain can send mail to external domains. If that is so as there is empty " sender-envelope" Policy forbids it. You can configure that Sender IP/netmask is Your exchange and allow all (*) to send email. That way You didn' t configured Open Relay as only Your Exchange can send mails regarding of domain. Hope this helps.
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Thanks, helped me with the same issue with an Exchange 2010 server. Strange that Exchange still doesn' t populate the " sender-envelope" field.

As sasa.g said,  Your Access Control Policy should be as example below:   Go to Policy > Access Control > Receiving and edit policy Internal/External to the following values:
Sender Pattern: User Defined Value:  ^$|       -------  Regular Expression MUST be Checked Recipient Pattern: User Defined Value: * SenderIP/netmask: User Defined Value: "IP address of Mail server"
Save changes,  messages OOO will be relayed to recipient.


Hope this help...


Dear Norberto


We have configured the Access control as suggested by you. 


As per the logs we have noticed that when an external sender is sending the email to the configured protected domain for the first instance we are able to receive the OOF(Out of Office) reply for the external sender but when the same user is trying to send an email for the second instance he is unable to get the OOF reply.