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Email filtering for Viruses

Hi all - just deployed a new 100D with FW v5.0,build0310 (GA Patch 11) so just have a couple of questions regarding the AV default filter (have full UTM turned on) - Set up a new policy Wan > Lan and allowed smtp port 25, assigned the AV default filter (proxy) to see if anything was triggered, sent the eicar test file and it went straight through the exchange box where it was clearly identified so why did the 100D miss it?


I then set up a another policy Lan > Wan and tried to download the Eicar test file and it was clearly identified - so have I missed something?


Also attempted to configure the *Alert email* from with the 100D but this also fails but I did read somewhere that it does not support a SSL/TLS connection so is this the issue?


thanks for any tips :)

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