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Dual-WAN failover to LTE modem issue

Hi! I am currently trying to setup my Opnsense router with an additional WAN (WAN_LTE) interface to get failover in case primary WAN (WAN_1) drops.

From earlier, I have a VPN gateway (WAN_VPN) active as well, for a separate VLAN and wifi, which is set up following this guide .

My hardware is: Router/firewall: ESXi server with Opnsense VM, with 3 interfaces; WAN_1, WAN_2 and LAN. Each interface has its own virtual switch in ESXi, which has a single uplink each (eth0/1/2).

LTE moden: Huawei LTE/4G/wifi router.

WAN_1 is connected to ISP router in bridge mode, giving WAN_1 a public IP.

WAN_2 is connected to a port in LTE modem with dhcp active, giving the WAN_2 interface a private IP of, and gateway IP

LAN interface of Opnsense is connected to Unifi devices serving my two wireless networks; Default (no vlan assigned) and VPN (VLAN 30).

VPN VLAN interface has IP

I have followed the Multi-WAN failover guide  from Opnsense, and have my WAN_LTE gateway group active, containing both interfaces WAN_1 and 2, and all is OK. VPN work well and all wifi clients are happy.

My headache starts when I test the failover and disconnect my primary WAN by removing the uplink to the virtual switch in ESXi. Opnsense respond as expected and shows the WAN_1 as offline, and WAN_2 active. The VPN goes offline for a short period, and is back online. Clients connected to VPN wifi get aninternet connection.

But clients connected to Default wifi get no internet connection. I can not figure out what I am doing wrong, and firewall logs doesnt show any blocked traffic. So I assume there must be something else.

Do I have to create a static route? Which settings should I check and how to set them? Anything else? I can provide screenshots, but I need to know what to screenshot.

Please help me :)

Edit: Tried a different solution, by moving the failover from Opnsense to ESXi virtual switch: Added the lte connected port as second uplink to the WAN port group, and set it up with failover and priority on uplinks. Switching to lte when I disconnect primary wan, but the WAN_1 interface needs to renew its IP to work, as it jumpa from a public connection to a private IP from the lte router. Would probably solve it self after a while, bit I did a manual release/renew to get the connection active.

But I still would prefer to have the failover to be handled by Opnsense, so a tip to solve my initial issue is mostly appreciated!




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Thank you for using the Community Forum. I will seek to get you an answer or help. We will reply to this thread with an update as soon as possible.


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The solution has been provided in your reddit:



Anthony-Fortinet Community Team.

This is a Fortinet support forum. Sounds like you are having issues with an Opensense system which we cannot assist you with here.