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Does Fortinet consider Canada as US or International?

Im in Canada and debating if I should install the US MR11 upgrade. Most US companies consider Canada as part of the US, so im not sure if it matters or not. Anyone have any idea what the difference could possibly be between the " US" vs " International" versions?
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Wondering about the same thing....
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So am I - would not want to use the International firmware - and render a firewall useless.
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For this case Canada is considered International. The reason for this US firmware is the Trend Micro lawsuit so in Canada the US court has no power. So for us Canadians it will be make more sense to use the intl version since the virus scanning is older and more mature in the INTL version of the firmware then the new US firmware that they made to avoid Trend Micro patents.
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I am using the INTL versions. We' re north of 49 EH! Greg
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