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Disable all UTM filtering

I'd like to know if there's an easy set of CLI commands that disables web filtering, SSL screening, antivirus, any ALG etc. etc.     I've had a couple weird issues where traffic to one IP over VPN stops working (it's to our PBX, and it's SIP traffic, but inside the VPN).     Everything else on the VPN subnet is fine, and I haven't had time to run a debug yet to see what's causing it (it's kinda a big deal when the phones don't work).


I was thinking if I turned everything off then turned things on one at a time until it happened it might just give a quicker resolution.   We don't really need any of the UTM features; we're replacing Netscreen firewalls which never had it before anyway.





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Disable SIP ALG/session helper.

UTM is not active in case you haven't UTM profile on policy.


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UTM is not enable untiil you enable it in a fwpolicy .





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