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DNS filter - A rating error occurs - all Fortiguard SDNS servers failed to respond

Hi All,


getting this message every day.

Whats wrong? Are there not enough server at fortinet?


Any help would be fine. Best regards. 

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Having the same problem. Started using fortiguard servers and now keep getting Dns lookup errors and server failed to respond errors. Could there be some kinda mis configuration.
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Put on 5.4.1, tried this feature, had the same problems.

Turned the feature back off - no problems.

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Can replicate this issue too on customer equipment, unsure on root cause as I have 5.4.1 at home and have no issues.


Have logged FortiTAC case # 1800082 -- will update here with resolution if I remember.

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Hi Josh,


Thanks for your feedback. I updated to 5.4.1 too. But the problem still alive. I also opend a case and send a lot of logs to fortinet. Still not knowing whats the root of the issue.


Best regads

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Hi all Did you hear anything from the support about this issue? Thanks for replay.


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I also experience this with 5.4.4

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I got help from the fortinet support. They changed settings (can't remember details). But the changes are not solved the problem completely. The feature sems to me no stable enough.


Sorry to have no better news for you :(


Best regards

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i opened a ticket on this issue few months ago.

i got a engineer build that works fine.

the latest update 5.4.5 includes a fix

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I am still seeing this issue on 5.4.5.