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Apple Mac Open Directory

I have a customer requirement to integrate with Apple Mac Open directory. From what I can see Fortigate FSAE/FSSO will only work with AD or Novel, however I understand open directry is LDAP based so I should be able to do something similar with LDAP groups. Does anyone know if this is possible or have you tried it. Any help would be great.
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Hey, this is far more complex issue than just the LDAP. You have to have logon/logoff trigger events, collect them, corelate from different sources ... and you need perhaps some keepalive mechanism to check if the user is still there. Then monitor/filter which groups to look on, refresh group membership ... and, of course, FSSO protocol connection to Fortigate ;) I have (almost) all of that. I have quite nice UNIX solution, perhaps it can run on Mac too. If you are still interested, drop me an email at astibal [at] Despite the fact this is light-grade advertisement, it is motivated to help you. Regards, -astib
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-- Evolve or die!
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