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Allow explicit YouTube video

Hello everyone,


I am blocking the entire YouTube access by using the video streaming category. But I want to open access to a certain YouTube content only. I though this might be easy but its not the case. I've created a static URL filtering and added the link to the content as a simple entry with Allow action but still the content is blocked. I've tried another trick is to add the link in the web rating overrides and allow the content under different category but also still no success. I figured out that the link won't open if the parent is blocked as a whole.


For example, If is blocked, then will be blocked also. This is true since I allowed the parent and Voila! the content is working. However, I don't want to open the parent because this means that I am allowing the entire YouTube. What a Dilemma! I just want to explicitly open the content without allowing the parent domain and I think this is simple for Fortinet to include the solution to this dilemma in its products.


Appreciate your help.

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I hope my answer was helpful!


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