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Advanced Setup of FortiGate 100A Anti-Spam Settings

Hi, I was wondering if someone could recomend advanced settings in order to configure the anti-spam settings on a FortiGate 100A running version 3.0 of the firmware? Our FortiGate seems to offer little protection against spam with 38000 spam messages passing through the firewall in a 12 hour period. I' ve completed the steps in the KB article entitled " Basic Troubleshooting and fine tunning the antispam solution on the FortiGate" and believe that all settings are as expected. However, I feel that that due to the volume of spam seen that these settings need to be bumped up and was looking for recomendations as to how to do that. Could anyone propose a change to the anti-spam setting in order to block more of this spam? Thanks, MO_ICT
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Hi, You could add third-party RBL servers to your FG: (be sure to check wich RBL servers you can use !!!) config spamfilter dnsbl edit 1 config entries edit 1 set server "" next edit 2 set server "" next edit 3 set server "" next edit 4 set server "" next end set name " my_rbls" next end config firewall profile edit <your protection profile for antispam> set smtp block scan spamrbl fragmail spamemailbwl spamfsip spamfschksum spamfssubmit spamfsurl spamipbwl spamraddrdns splice next set spamrbltable 1 next end

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