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3600 No FTP after Sept 27 16:30

Hi all, here is what happened: FTP has been working all along, allowed by policy Internal All/External All Accept, Anti-Virus and Web filter on. FTP stopped last evening around 16:30, coincides with an AV push update (coincidence?). We found a workaround more by good luck than good management. Created a policy for FTP with AV scan OFF. Now FTP works. Called tech support and we are the only report of this. Any ideas? Thanks Greg
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I haven' t seen something like that. Someone else on this forum mentioned something similar. If I remember corect it was a bad virus update. Once a new one was available, problems solved. but I again I only read that..
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I turned off all ftp scanning due to a memory leak in MR3... is MR5 any better?
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Yeah, take a look here.
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