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2.8 MR3 with Exchange and smtp AV enabled

Hello, I have a problem on various size fortinet units that with Firmware 2.8 MR3 with SMTP AV enabled, with or without the splilce option running, mail FROM another MS Exchange server will not make it through to the host Exchange box behing the foirti. This is in Exchange 2003. On Exchange 2000 with AV on it will create a loop state between forti and Exchange making the message appear in user mailboxes multiple times until exhage puts it loop prevention in place after 50 or so messages. interesting to note, that unfiltered ro with AV off completely for SMTP every thing flows PERFECTLY.... Fortinet is fast becoming fortiNOT with simple issues like this making it through the 2.8 beta testing. Any ideas would be great. Marcus Emanuel - FCSE Propellerheads - Get Technology on your side Melbourne Australia.
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Are these exchange servers in the same organization? Are they on the same fortigate box but in different vlans or dmz' s? Or are they 2 ex boxes communicating over the internet? w3rD
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