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slow performance tns helper (port 1521) after upgrading

Hello, we have a strange issue with a customer.

They upgraded

Since the recent Fortigate upgrade from 4.3.12 to 5.0.12  , customers notice a huge degredation of performance in the software, connecting from Solaris 10 to the Oracle server on port 1521. When doing a packet capture, we notice a lot of retransmissions and duplicates. Remarkable is the fact that, when the Fortigate is bypassed there are NO problems.

I discovered also that by disabling the tns session helper for tcp 1521, things run smoothly. I logged a ticket with Fortinet, but they cannot give a satisfying explanation for this. I was wondering if someone has had a similar issue and what makes that there are no errors anymore when the session helper is disabled.


Thanks and regards,

Ralph Willemsen

Arnhem, Netherlands



Can you give more details of your setup ?

FGT Model, number connections/sessions per sec etc.. ?

If you can just copy/paste firewall policy cli config here, that would be helpful to understand as well.