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lync 2013 and fweb

Hi, customer is looking at Lync2013 for vpnless connectivity towards remote workers but being ms platform, they are afraid of being targeted. Anybody using fweb for lync traffic ? Damir

@Dave Hall: I started to looking around and this is what I ran in to it: So looks like fweb will play part in this deployment for mobility (I have Avaya background and today is all about mobility)... I will setup test run for Lync/fweb in the office since we have few boxes around and test for mobility. For example, with Avaya, fweb has not function since everything is done one SIP level and SBC must be employed in DMZ. Damir
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Hi Guys,


has any of you then progressed with using FortiWeb within a Lync deployment?


We just consider using FWEB for the HTTP(S) part of the Lync installation!


And please no postings around other FW parts - Fortgate is already properly in place and will be used for all but the HTTP part!




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Once again, and to confirm what Abilio is stating, Fweb is a WAF (web application firewall) operating predominantly at layer 7 and focuses at HTTP/HTTPS. Let' s not waste everybody' s discussing the points and comma' s here. Surely I can put a nail in the wall with my screwdriver, but that' s not where it' s designed for. So buy a decent Fortigate and start protecting your environment properly. my .2 cents Cheers, Eric

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pls, don' t waste your time on my posts. best damir