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invalid pcre syntax: "\ at end of pattern" - What´s that?



we have some issues with a Fortigate 600D cluster. We can´t choose any webfilter profiles at all in the GUI but it´s possible from the CLI and also experiences strange behaviours where categories that shouldn´t be blocked is.


If we enable "diag debug en" we can see the following error message which I never have seen before:

Line 2988 offset 206 option "pcre" value ""/(\/"" p; --pcre "/(\/"; --context host; --no_case; - invalid pcre syntax: "\ at end of pattern" Error: Line 2988 offset 196 option "pcre" value ""/(\/"" action drop; --pcre "/(\/"; --context host; -- unknown option name:pcre Error:


I would assume it´s something with wildcards in a webfilter due to the pcre ("Perl Compatible Regular Expressions") but we have a total off 100 different web-filter profiles and I can´t see ay ending with "\".


There´s no events being logged and nothing reported with "get system startup-error-log" or "diagnose debug config-error-log read"


Anyone that seen this before and can give me some hint where to look?





Robin Svanberg Network Consultant @ Ethersec AB in Östersund, Sweden