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analyzer 6.4.7 Gui idle timeout

Hello everyone,

I have 2000E analyzer and I updated from 6.2.5 to 6.4.7. I use Fortivew>Monitors with readonly user on the videowall and readonly user didn't logout anytime with 6.2.5 firmware. However after than update. Readonly user do logout after from idle timeout. Therefore I have to be login again and again.
is there any idea aobut this issue?
thank you for your help.

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Never used 2000E  but in any version (6.0/6.2/6.4) of VM FAZ admin user always logged out, so seems like a bug, not a feature. 

In newer versions they have increased possible idle timeout to 28800 (8 hours) though. 


idle_timeout <integer>

Enter the idle timeout value, in seconds (60 - 28800, default = 900).

idle_timeout_api <integer>

Enter the idle timeout for the API sessions, in seconds (1 - 28800, default = 900).

idle_timeout_gui <integer>

Enter the idle timeout for the GUI sessions, in seconds (60 - 28800, default = 900).

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Thank you Yurisk

I will continue login or may be I can use an autologin add on.