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Trying to use Fortimanager Policy search and filter / 5.6.5

We recently migrated to Fortigate firewalls from Juniper, and I'm doing some post-migration cleanup...

One such task is fully shadowed rule cleanup, and we're using another tool to get us the two (or more) rules that are shadowed.

What I would LIKE to do is somehow, using FM, in Policy Packages Editor, be able to display the multiple rules...

I know that I can do a Column Filter, and Select ID, and display a SINGLE rule at a time, but there is a "OR" button to the right of the ID field that seemingly does nothing:

The admin manual says:

Policy search and filter
Go to Policy & Objects > Policy Packages, and use the search box to search or filter policies for matching rules or objects.
The default Simple Search will highlight text that matches the string entered in the search field.

To add column filters:
1. Select Column Filter from the search field dropdown menu.
2. Do either of the following:
a. Right-click on a specific value in any column and select Add Filter (equals or not equals) from the menu.
a. Click Add Filter , then select a column heading from the list.
b. Select from the available values in the provided list.

[style="background-color: #ffff99;"]Select Or to add multiple values,[/style]

 or select Not to remove any policies that contain the selected value from the results. Multiple filters can be added. 
3. Click Go to filter the list.

( pg 276)


Yes, we are running 5.6.5 What am I missing.  How can I put multiple values in the field?







 (Sorry about the initial post w/ the graphics inline)

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Manually type in the values you want to search for, separating them with a comma.


Here is a screenshot showing a multiple value search (OR) in action.

Note: don't have spaces between comma's and the next value.