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Trafic Problem



I have fortigate 60E firewall. i made two interface one is wifi through fortigate access point and other internal  LAN interface for computer networks  am merged wifi inter face with LAN interface network. LAN network have different IP and wifi have Different IP. my problem only scanning i have cannon printer. on LAN computer scanning& printing working fine no issue but on wifi scanning have problem printing on both network working fine. only issue for scanning on wifi network. when i scan on wifi there are problem due to IP class is different please help me what can i do to resolve this issue. which services i can enable for scanning. ping for both network is working  

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"scanning" refers to using a broadcast to find printing devices. As you use different networks for LAN an Wifi, and broadcasts are confined/limited to a single network, the Wifi clients do not find the device.

Suggestions for a solution:

- use the same network address and mask for both LAN and Wifi network. This requires to run the AP in "bridge mode".

- tell the Wifi clients the exact address of the printing device. This will use unicast traffic which is supported across networks. Usually, you determine the IP address of a printer, and there a few in comparison to clients, so this should not be a problem hopefully.


Of course, in order to allow traffic from one network into the other, you need to set up routing and policies.


Note that this is not a limitation in FortiOS. Limiting broadcast domains to one network is by design.


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