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Speed led lighting Orange

Hi all..


On my FortiWiFi 60F v7.0.6 build0366 , speed led lighting Orange / wan1 ... how can i check bandwidth rate and solve,,,,, thank you.

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Looks like a 100 Mbps connection.

Try this to confirm:


gate8 # get sys int physical wan1
== [onboard]
mode: static
ipv6: ::/0
status: up
speed: 1000Mbps (Duplex: full)


It depends on your WAN connection whether 100 Mbps would be a bottleneck or not.

Additional info:

gate8 # diag hardware deviceinfo nic wan1
Description :FortiASIC NP6XLITE Adapter
Driver Name :FortiASIC NP6XLITE Driver
Board :80F
lif id :0
lif oid :64
netdev oid :64
Current_HWaddr 94:ff:3c:35:e4:d2
Permanent_HWaddr 94:ff:3c:35:e4:d2
========== Link Status ==========
Admin :up
netdev status :up
link_setting :1
speed_setting :1000
duplex_setting :0
Speed :1000
Duplex :Full
link_status :Up
============ Counters ===========
Rx Pkts :62860210
Rx Bytes :80248730266
Tx Pkts :33334219
Tx Bytes :6885528921
Host Rx Pkts :52872511
Host Rx Bytes :70254983785
Host Tx Pkts :26490746
Host Tx Bytes :3031272405
Host Tx dropped :0
FragTxCreate :0
FragTxOk :0
FragTxDrop :0



"Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!"