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Proxy Portal: ssl negotiation failed, SSL VPN Proxy error

Hey guys,


I set up a Proxy Portal on my Fortigate 500A. Everything worked fine and without any problems.

But scince two days I get the error: ssl negotiation failed when I try to connect to my server using Java RDP.

I also get the error SSL VPN Proxy error when trying to acces a http page through my Proxy Portal.

Even SSH connection fails.

So I changed nohtiong on the firewall configuration scine the last time it worked. I also restarted the sslvpnd service and restarted the firewall.

Another questiong: is it normal that there are 3 sslvpnd processes are running at the same tim (PID: 85, 86 ,87)?


thx a lot

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does anyone from Forti check this forum  ?