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Problem loading YouTube video with Firefox.

Hello! Curious issue... When my FortiGate Web Filter is activated(SteamMedia is allowrd) and i' m using Firefox for browsing i' m have problms to load videos at, it begins to load but in the first 5 seconds it stops. The curious is that this problem does not happen when i' m using Google Chrome. Does anyone know or have experienced this problem before? Thank You;
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I recall two possible issues with youtube videos (that came up before on these forums)... 1) The " Comfort Clients" option not enabled in the Protocol Options for HTTP/HTTPS. 2) The youtube url is not excluded from disk caching (if this feature is enabled). But it' s odd that Google Chrome would not be affected.

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Demetrio, Try to disable AV and change your Protocol Option to PASS instead BLOCK on HTTP and HTTPS. When the video exceeds the MB that you use on protocol option, Fortigate block the download on Firefox and IE. Perhaps this not happen on Google Chrome, because google use SPDY instead HTTP/HTTPS to access your owns servers when Chrome are the browser. So, Fortigate don' t intercept this protocol. Regards, Paulo Raponi

Regards, Paulo Raponi


Great. I will take a look at this. Be back soon with news... Thank you for the attention;