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Port Forwarding VIP Inter VDOM Routing Question

Good Afternoon,


I am looking to validate a configuration change:


1. I have a multi-tenant setup where each customer has its on vDOM on a FG1000D. 


2. Two of the customer vDOM are linked with a functional vDOM vlink which permits the subnets within the  vDOMs to talk to each other over the internal link.  e.g. VDOM100 =  <---> VDOM200


3. I have an untested use case where I would like to port forward via  VIP in VDOM100 to a private IP address in VDOM200 e.g.VIP-VDOM100-PUBLIC-IP --> 1.1.2.XX.


My presumption is that this configuration will not be illegal in anyway and will work seamlessly but I am unsure of this.


My question is will this configuration work as expected?  Will it cause any operational issues?