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One weird case with some Fortiswitch 524D-FPOE.

A couple of days ago, I was plugging some IP cameras up to an existing network.


The TR where these cameras would be connected only had a stack of two switches.


If I plugged the camera in any of the two switches, these would reboot themselves most times immediately after I plugged the camera in.


After a lot of trial and error, I decided to plug another camera and seemed not to have any issues- since the network was in operation I didn't meddle with it any longer and just left it as is. Thing is, I then tested the "faulty" camera onto another switch and, to my surprise, it worked and wouldn't recreate the issue, no matter how many times I plugged in and out.


What could be the cause of this? I asked the customer about this and they reported to have this issue not only with PoE devices but with standard ethernet devices as well.


Hi eligiobudde,


is there some NAC policy that is set to "bounce" the port? It would, if changing a VLAN for NAC reasons, shut down the port and bring it up again. PoE connected devices may see this?

Not sure why the issue is gone, but you can see a lot of interesting logs regarding these port changes with either the event logs or better the CLI:

diag debug report


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