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OPEN DNS Resolver was detected on Mgmt port but not select DNS database.

Hi  All


We have a problem  when we using virtual wire pair to check security profile.

We only set IP,  gateway on Mgmt port, and using Fortiguard server as our DNS server.

But our network vendor told us :  Mgmt port's IP was detect have OPEN DNS resolver 's question ,  will block traffic untill fix this problem.

First , we check we have no select DNS Database function. so  it's not reason to have this problem.

Second, we try to link Mgmt 's port 53  and set PC's DNS server as Mgmt IP, but we could not link it and visit web site.

But OPEN DNS Resolver still Detected.


could we disable 53 port on Mgmt  or disable DNS query?

or set policy deny any one  query Mgmt's 53 port?



We have no idea  about it's happened on mgmt when we have not  choosing DNS Database function.





2017/07/20  18:39  Taiwan