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Need to check the Stable version

Hi, team Please help me out here.

The customer having 8 FortiGate 

100E-6.2.3, 80E-6.2.3, 50E-6.2.3, 30E-6.0.5, 30E-5.6.1, 30E-6.0.12, 30E-6.0.2, 30E-6.2.5 Current versions.

Please let us know the stable version for all the firewalls as the 6.0.x is out of support please suggest the stable version of that firewall.

Also please give me the KB article to perform 


Hi There,

First of all identify, which latest version of the FortiOS your unit support.
That can be checked within the Release notes of the FortiOS.

When it comes to the suggestion of the stable version, in most cases the latest version of the branch will contain more patches compared to previous ones(For example, FortiOS 6.2.10 will have more patches and improvements compared to 6.2.5).

It is also good to read the release notes for the firmware version, to which you are upgrading in order to be aware of the changed/new behavior and the known issues.